Focus on the voice within

Being an introvert is totally fun. You are happily away from the nonsensical chatter, the hysteric emotional outbreak over the silliest of issues and all the gibberish about staying in trends. This was what i was exposed to, i wouldnt take the liberty to judge every college goer as the obnoxious idiot.

Anyways, i would like to share an anecdote from my early years of being an introvert, almost on the bringes of selfishness while minding my own business.

It was a Monday and i had quite happily returned home after Classes, enjoying the luxury of having the house to myself for a whole hour before my parents came. I had kicked off the shoes, oned the TV and went on to get some snacks when i heard someone from the rear of the house.

Being a decent neighbourhood, i had always taken safety for granted and it was a shock for me to realise that i might not have been alone. I was too scared to scream, being someone who valued a quiet existence far too much to raise a fuss unless and until there was some proof of an intruder.

I searched the house inside out. I roamed around for any footprints in the ground and trust me, i am a very keen detective.

Anyways, my efforts proved in vain and i started doubting myself. It was true that i was scared and what if the feeling was just too much of the horror movies that i devoured on a daily basis. (even the silliest movies are scary when you watch it alone).

Anyways, after some more searching, i gave up the idea and went back to enjoy my last minutes of luxury.

Later, after the arrival of my parents and my regression to the routine, the thought had completely been erased from my mind.

So, when in the next day, as i was waiting for my school bus, i saw a boy around the same age as mine lurking nearby, i was feeling a sense of dejavu. And suddenly i was reminded of the same creepy feeling of the previous day. I watched him from the stop, keenly following him, doubting again if i am being too harsh in judging an innocent boy.

The rest of it felt like a drawn out video being watched in slo-mo. My bus had arrived, honking its way as though its life depended on taking us to school ASAP. The boy also turned, but not to the horns, i am sure. It seemed like he felt that he was being watched, for the only person he looked at after turning was me. And sure, right at that moment, i knew. I knew it was he who had been there yesterday. Yet, i had no real proof to support these and i spent the whole day thinking of this. So, it wasnt a surprise for me when i found the rear door jammed, he had tried in vain and our neighbour had seen a boy roaming around our house and had tried contacting my parents.

Guess what, we had both described the same boy. And there i have it, my first experience with intuition and this incident taught me to focus on what your hear from within.

I have been lucky to have had many more stints with intution, each strengthening my confidence to trust it. People say women are gifted with this beautiful talent. To know the tragedy before it strikes.

There is a voice that doesnt use words. Focus. Listen


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