How far away is our past?

To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant stuggle

George Orwell

The Great Indian Diversity is something that each of us are proud about. There are more than 23 official languages spoken in different parts of the country and over 6 main religions practised.

As far as history speaks(around 2000B.C),the subcontinent was initially the home of a superior race (in terms of a higher intellect) who laid foundation to the brilliant civilisation near the banks of Indus. Their culture drew unparallels in organised settlements, art and crafts which even in present days is still an envy to many parts of our country. The underground drainage was built in such expertise that it puts much of our society and its present day drainage systems to shame.

The Indus Valley Civilisation

The historians believe that this community was too peaceful to exist for long as their war equipments proved short to defend them against the invaders. These invaders or barbarians though fully equiped with the best of technologically ahead weapons, knew nothing of being organised. Their craftsmanship were centuries behind these people and that was the first instance where Hindustan, the land of the Hindus or the people who lived near the river Indus, were forced back to a much primitive state, forgetting all about the Harappans and the gift they had for us.

The Bearded Man/ Priest King from Mohenjadaro dating back to 2200 to 1900 B.C

As of now, this is the first instance in the subcontinent where the community had to regress to a primitive stage. I call it primitive not in terms of their weaponry or aggression, for they were extremely talented in these. But in terms of art, peace, organisation, conservation and other terms of higher intellect that we attribute to human beings, these people fell behind.

Coming to the 21st century, the human brilliance is at its pinnacle. Anything that we dream of are achievable. Technologies developed a month before are already a thing of the past. We are all racing towards an invisible peak, believing it is within reach. The rat race is wearing out people, pushing down many into pits of depressions. And what is this mountain? Is it a million rupees? A focus of a 100 cameras? A million likes?

Haha. This is really funny once you start thinking about it. People draining their last ounce of life to make sure that there is enough money hidden up in their bank accounts. Why not break free from these shackles and start doing what you love?

The worst part is not that you are dying for a lost cause. That is not a problem at all. You want to drain your life, its your wish, Go On. But, there has been a deviation to the frustrations of leading a fruitless life. Once people started realising that they are unhappy even after achieving what they thought they wanted, many are confused. And i believe this is one important reason for all of the hundreds of cases of alienating people.

In recent times, we see a rising intolerance to many communities. This is in no terms confined to India, there is growing intolerance to African Americans,Sikhs,Muslims, LGBTs, Women. I believe all these actions to be related to a deeper fear within oneself, a fear that they might demand equal treatment and refuse to submit as a lesser being. How can we call ourselves civilised and liberal when these fears are lurking beneath the masks that we wear.


I believe this period where we are all locked down to be a period when we can introspect. Dig deep within ourselves and solve the questions that nag us day and night, the insecurities that scream to be let out and decide for ourselves. Should the darkness be allowed free reign? Should we be the barbarians that the future blame, for regressing from the beautiful diversity that we appreciate now.

Dig deep.

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