The List of my favourite movies.

“Movies touch our hearts, awaken our vision and change the way we see things. They take us to other places. They open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our lifetime. We need to keep them alive.”

Martin Scorsese, director (Shutter Island, Taxi Driver , Goodfellas)

I have been a movie geek ever since i could remember. Initially, i used to watch all kinds of movies- chick flicks, romcoms, psychothrillers, horror, fantasies, anything that came my way. But, as my experience improved, i realised that certain movies had special powers. They could pull you into a trance, play with your minds and recede back into its depths only to surface back time and again, like an engraved memory.

So,today, i would like to make a list of movies that still take up a privileged spot in my heart.

1. Schindler’s list

This movie is like a medicine for me. Whenever i get disappointed, i go back to this movie to remind myself of the value of compassion and the difference one can make in another’s life. Please dont make the mistake of leaving it out bcoz its black and white.

2. Pride and prejudice

This feel good movie goes back to a time when chivalry in love was still in vogue. Romantics shouldnt miss this one.

3. The last samurai

This one gets you introspecting. This is not a war movie, rather it talks about righteousness, dharma, as we call it. This is my go to movie whenever i get indecisive.

4. The terminal

If you want to smile from ear to ear, taking in the warmth of goodness in people and watching how determination opens up invisible doors, this one would definitely be your cup of tea.

5. The next 3 days

He is my inspiration. The guy who believed in something and never gave up.

6. Interstellar

When imagination is stretched beyond a limit, it feels like the endorphin release after a heavy workout. This movie does just that. But why i often go back is for its magical background score.

7. Pretty Woman

Why i love this movie is because Vivian knows her worth. She knows how she should be treated and how she should not. And there is no compromise on that.

8. Stepmom

This is an emotional rollercoaster and i had seen it only once more than 11 years ago. But i still remember the christmas, the magic show and curiously enough, a 12 year old girl could understand the pain of a mother and that’s how brilliant this movie is.

9. Julie and Julia

This is a beautiful movie about a determined woman who realises her passion and her path is both humorous and a feast to our eyes

10. Catch me if you can

It was on a day before exams that i happened to watch this movie. I was tired and had given up trying to learn anymore for the day, but this movie recharged me. Mr. Frank Abagnale is a true example for the quote ‘nothing is impossible’. [the exam was easy too!]

11. The boy in the striped pajamas

Gear up for an emotional rollercoaster ride, set in the times of the holocaust. I cried a lot, not just thinking about the atrocities of those times but also on the pure innocence of 2 little boys on either side of a fence. A must watch!

12. Bucket list

A tale of friendship and dreams. The way they come to become inseperable is what i loved the most in this.

13. The Truman show

What if whatever you believe to be true ceases to be so? And there you have it.

14. Gone girl

I am a vengeful person. I am not proud of it, it just remains something that i am still learning to control. So, when i saw this movie where one could be vengeful to the extent of self destruction, i was quite shaken.

15. Shawshank Redemption

Why do bad things happen to good people? Maybe God is testing how much more one can handle before they break down. But patience is a virtue that all of us should learn, just like him.

And there ends my list. If any of you have watched any of the above movies, do comment on what you loved about it and do recommend your favourites!

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