How not to celebrate patriotism.

Yesterday, we were waving peace flags in my home. After the debates in the past couple of days, it was decided discussions on politics and religion will not be entertained at home. We were guarding the pact with utmost care, but it ended when my younger brother started watching a debate.

Now, to give you the context of the debate, there had been terrorist attacks happening in Kashmir in the past few days. Yesterday, in a place called Handwara, 3 more soldiers laid down their lives warding off the attacks.

So, the guy running the show has named the debate hour #avenge Handhwara and called up delegates from India and Pakistan. There is a 15 mins intro from the guy itself screaming at us at the top of his voice about how he claims that Handhwara will be avenged, how he will take Pakistani lives, how there is going to be bombing in Pakistan in retaliation, how he thinks Pakistanis are shameless and gallons of such absolute nonsense. And his guests, the delegates from Pakistan, they were not allowed to say 1 word bcoz he starts screaming once again when they speak. I mean come on man, grow up!

Do we really have to hate another nation to celebrate patriotism? I am an Indian, but, i dont have to call a Pakistani national a terrorist to prove that i love my country. I dont think bombing or taking Pakistani lives is the way we retaliate a terrorist attack. The same applies to calling Chinese as Corona. How stupid is that? Many have doubts regarding the virus being manmade and spread by China. A president even called it the Chinese virus.

Even if China did spread the virus, wasnt it the government’s duty to take measures to contain the spread. Whose fault is it that many of us still group up protesting that lockdown should be lifted, are we to blame China for that too? This is the insecurity talking.

If one is wrong, shouldn’t he have the guts to accept that, rather than blaming everything else?

4 thoughts on “How not to celebrate patriotism.

  1. You make some really great points. Hate is so destructive & unnecessary. And yes, we all have a role to play in stopping the spread of the virus, including leaders.

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  2. Well said. We know that our people are still very far from seeing what a nation dreams in a true patriot. I’m 21 still, and yet doubt to see that happening in my lifetime. Because, there are many Indians still dreaming and a few have died already. It is frustrating.

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