Elephant politics

An unfortunate incident occured in Thiruvazhamkunnu forest in the Palakkad district of Kerala. A pregnant wild elephant had accidently eaten a pineapple filled with crackers which exploded in her mouth hurting her jaws. She couldn’t eat anything for a few days and yesterday she died standing in the river, dipping her trunk in the water.

I felt deeply saddened to think that somebody did this to hurt the elephant. But, by noon, it was clear that unlike the initial reports, the incident wasnt a murder but an accident. Farmers in the locality use such crackers to ward off wild boars which ruin their fields and the elephant had accidently consumed the same. Even if it was unintentional, the incident was hurtful. The question of why farmers resort to such measures, why they dont buy equipments to ward off wild animals need to be dealt with in detail another time.

By night, i saw lots of posts circulating. One of them looked like this.

As you can see, suddenly everybody is talking about Malappuram, which is confusing for me. The incident happened in a district called Palakkad and the one which they are talking about is another district next to Palakkad. I understand that the people who are talking about this dont know the geography of Kerala but that isnt an excusable mistake.

The funny part is how suddenly everybody is singing solidarity to Hindus of Kerala. I didnt know elephants belonged to Hindus. Some went to the extent of collecting demographic data of Malappuram to point out that the muslim majority (75 percent) is responsible for this cruelty. Their understanding is that the muslims wanted to hurt Hindu sentiments by hurting an elephant which symbolises the Hindu God Ganapati or Ganesha. Are you serious?

For your understanding, i am a Hindu. I have best friends who are muslims. We share views, we share food, we share clothes, we share rooms, their moms make food for us, our moms make food for them. We live like how humans are supposed to live. We believe that this culture of secularism and intermingling in our state is something that is stronger than the religious divisive politics being played.

The second thing was how many took up our 100% literacy rates to compare and conclude that literacy rates doesnt bring humanity. I feel sorry that you had to look up data to realise that yes, they are 2 variables that cant be compared, exactly the reason why literacy should be promoted in the 1st place.

Third, some people asked if this is the Kerala model. And we call that ‘asooya’, which means jealousy. If you have fallen to such low standards as to compare our health care structure to this unfortunate incident, then thats plain asooya.

Fourth, Menaka Gandhi had pointed out that 1 elephant dies every 3 days in Kerala and that we also have a history of killing stray dogs. Fact check: the elephants that Menaka Gandhi counted might be ones that die of old age, because i am someone who reads newspapers regularly and this is not true. The stray dogs were put down because at a certain point of time, there were numerous cases of little children playing in front of their houses getting their eyes and ears torn off by stray dogs. This was how the general public reacted to that, ” Madam, we dont have security to guard our homes and save our kids, we cant let our children die at the hands of such menace.”

Fifthly, many celebrities have come out stating injustice and cruelty in the death of the animal. Duly noted, sir/maam. But, where did your conscience run off when there were attacks on innocent people? Why didnt you question the death of migrants run over by train? Why didnt you question the attacks in Delhi? Why didnt this conscience burn then? We need to introspect more people. Coz double standards suck !

Lastly, one more thing. Many people in Kerala, irrespective of their religions, love beef. Many people in Kerala are pure vegetarians. People have different tastes, dont judge us. We love each other no matter what they eat.

Swami Vivekananda said, ” I am proud to belong to a religion that has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. We accept all religions as true. As streams with different sources mingle their waters in the sea, all lead to God.”

Stop crippling the true sanatana dharma.

4 thoughts on “Elephant politics

  1. There are lots of people out there spreading false beliefs and information without checking facts or the reasons behind. This is more dangerous than ignorance.

    An analytical post! Keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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