Before secularism dies

It has been a long time.

I have felt this ever increasing need to speak up about the atrocities being committed in the name of hindutva in our country. But then i skip it because i didnt know how to say it any different.

I am an ardent fan of books. I read lots of them. I think a lot of people are not exposed to the beauty of books because of which they remain unaware of the importance of inclusivity in our current constitution. I fear that its days are numbered too. Maybe it is this lack of understanding that blinds them from the impending consequences of oppression.

The truth is even people who understand these turn blind fanatics. Maybe because of the comfort of standing among the majority, the false sense of authority and power that comes when nodding heads to the ones in power or its just the thrill of domination.

The ram temple issue was the cherry on the cake. How insecure are you, buddy?

I mean, it is understandable to fight and make your stand when you are oprressed, denied representation.

But, in a country with a majoritarian hindu community, the need for showing off is pathetic.

All of a sudden, some people feel the need to take revenge on the atrocities committed by rulers who ruled our country centuries ago. Why do we have to go centuries back, because according to their logic, we should be starting a war on the britishers first right since they left quite recently. So, from this i assume that this is never a fight for justice. Its just shameful to see the world’s biggest democracy crumbling into the hands of a large group of stupid people.

Its okay to be whatever you want to be and believe whatever you want to believe, but, there’s a line between you and me . So, please stick to your faith and judgement and dont teach me what i should believe.

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