I am grateful to everything that i have in life. My parents, my little brother, my friends, my home and every little things that i enjoy.

To have my mother waking me up and making me coffee and the 4 meals, with a pinch of complaining and tons of love is a blessing that i wish for forever. I am happy to be able to irritate my little brother whenever i can. He is an amazing cook and i shamelessly go behind him to make the best of dinners that we have. My father, i am so much like him in so many aspects. Though we are at odds in many ideologies, many leading into shouting matches, we realised that we dont have to be on the same side to love each other unconditionally.

I am so very grateful for my life. But, it was recently that i came to know about the many millions who are still underprivileged, almost on the bringes of death even in the times of a global pandemic and its not COVID or lessened immunity thats killing them.

The Uyghurs, China‘s islamic minority are still living in detention camps, airstrikes are still happening in Syria, the looming food crisis threatening to be deadlier than COVID in Africa, Myanmar military repeating crimes against humanity in Rakhine State as pointed out by UN, the shortage of medical infrastructure in Israeli blockaded Gaza, the extended internet ban in Kashmir, hundreds of Rohingya muslims dying after being stuck at sea for more than 2 months, in the biggest refugee crisis.

I think we should know them, their plights and their living conditions. Maybe with more awareness we become more responsible.

8 thoughts on “Grateful.

  1. It’s so true. We all should and have to be great full​ for whatever we have at present. As there are millions who aspire the things we take it for granted.
    Great post.


  2. I’m grateful you shared this with us. Although I know somewhere in the back of their minds my own children appreciate me, it’s good to know that you appreciate your mom. Tell her that. Hug her. Thank her. She needs to know that all the time, but sometimes is better than nothing.

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    1. Sure😇. I used to take it for granted. In the past years when i was studying away from home, i realised what i had. No one can ever love you as much as they do and I’m happy that i have them.


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